NEMT Services

NEMT stands for Non-Emergent Medical Transportation. It is an area of medical benefits that has grown as Americans have begun to age and entitlement programs such as Medicaid have expanded. Generally, NEMT is defined as transportation services provided to patients who are not experiencing an emergency, but a traditional taxi ride is not an appropriate service due to physical or mobility limitations. NEMT focused companies, like axel, offer passengers of all levels of mobility a reliable option to get to their medical appointments.

The Ill and elderly, those who live in areas that lack mass transit or simply just need a helping hand getting to and from their medical appointments depend of NEMT providers and have historically become frustrated with the industry. Typically, the burden falls on family and friends but as we all work harder and longer, NEMT services become that much more vital to help solve complex healthcare challenges. Even something as simple as picking up prescriptions can be a difficult challenge to overcome for some.

axel is the professional solution when you or a loved one requires help getting to the doctors office. You can book a ride on our website or call us and one of our dedicated staff will ensure the need does not go unmet.