About Us

axel is the trusted transportation provider for the logistics needs of healthcare and education institutions. axel delivers transportation solutions specifically tailored to each client’s needs and focused on the customer experience.

We operate a fleet of newer commercial vehicles which are well maintained by ASE certified fleet technicians. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking as well as forward facing and rear facing camera systems. Our investment in our fleet and the safety equipment is to ensure the safest most comfortable rider experience.

Our services are delivered by some of the industry’s most experienced transport specialists, dispatchers, fleet-maintenance technicians, managers, and executives. Our core values are instilled in every team member. We are committed to a corporate culture which rewards our dedicated team for safely delivering the greatest customer experiences to communities throughout the country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe innovative tailored transportation solutions to better serve our communities with the best people, resources, systems and processes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the trusted business partner in our industry. A people-centric, transparent, accountable organization which delivers positive user experiences in communities through our professional staff who live our values.

Our Core Values

EVERYONE is empowered and responsible for their own, other employees and passenger’s safety. Protection of people is at the core of EVERY decision we make.
EVERYONE must be genuinely concerned about others’ in their community and have a strong desire to attend to other people’s needs.
EVERYONE supports and respect other employees, vendors, and clients with effective communication, collaboration, and active listening, resulting in a positive healthy work environment.

Our Drivers

We exhibit excellence in everything we do, including developing our staff. Drivers are screened thoroughly to determine if they are compatible with axel’s philosophy. Driving records are reviewed for infractions. In addition, a doctor conducts a DOT physical exam to screen candidates. A supervisor trains the candidate before he or she is allowed to operate a vehicle. Not only are the candidates trained in all crucial safety techniques, but they also to understand the hardship and difficulties that arise for persons that use this service. Drivers are also put on a 90-day, no-fault probationary period. This process allows us to put the right candidate in the driver seats to handle our most delicate customers.

Our President

Bernard A. "Bernie" Squitieri, President of Transportation Solution Services dba axel

Bernie has been in the transportation industry for more than 30 years. He has had the honor of being President/CEO of over seven other very successful ambulance, shuttle bus, taxi and NEMT companies in 15 states over the last 30 years. Because of his expertise, Bernie has consulted with other transportation company owners, as well as many local and national Transportation Committees on issues affecting the for-Hire industry. In 2007, Bernie started offering the first of its kind NEMT franchises and sold/opened more than 15 locations across the country before selling in 2014. Bernie has successfully introduced and passed Missouri legislation to legalize NEMT Stretcher Van service in the state of Missouri. Bernie has earned the respect and admiration to many local and national customers for more than 20 years. Bernie has a degree in Business Administration and has been married for 28 years to his wife Carla, they have 4 children and three grandchildren.